Having graduated from university, I naturally applied to different jobs and couldn’t land one that I would actually enjoy doing.

Telus hired me as a technical support specialist, helping fix people’s computer issues over the phone. It was a cool gig. I got to meet a lot of interesting people. But it wasn’t really satisfying. I knew I can do more.

I resigned Telus and went to Lebanon for a few weeks. Upon my return, I realized I wanted to start a marketing agency. No clue back then what I needed or what the requirements were. All I knew what it took for a website to look “cool” so if I see a not-so-cool website and I approach the owner, why wouldn’t they want to change? It’s obvious. That wasn’t really the case.

Sitting at my home office trying to come up with a name that I would actually like and that would also make sense. I wanted to use the word marketing or agency but most of those words were registered. I can’t remember how LetsMarket.it came to mind. I think it was over multiple back-and-forth with my head. Anyway, I remember calling my friend and telling him “I think I found the right name!” – And it was absolutely the right choice. I love absolutely love it.

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